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We are animal lovers and pet owners. We love our pets so much and can’t stand knowing that the horrible folks in the tobacco industry do such terrible things to our innocent, loving, and defenseless companions.” – iRie


Set aside your notions of voodoo, dreadlocks, white sand beaches and the Disney film Cool Runnings. iRie may sound as reggae of a band name as you’ve ever heard but the band doesn’t believe they are classified by a name alone. In fact, this 3-piece from Vegas sees their name as an ode to how they live life rather than a genre label.

The band considers themselves alternative (if they are forced to pick a genre) but they appreciate and find influence from virtually all types of music. The band came to be back in 2013 but members Harley and Austin had previously jammed together back in 2009. Initially the band was just Harley and Austin and they were shopping around for a drummer. Enter Alexanne. While she persistently sought a tryout for the band she had one small hurdle: she didn’t own a drum kit. Understandably, the 2 were skeptical about a drumless drummer but after enough pressuring they agreed to let her try out, brought in a drum kit and BOOM – match made in heaven.

So why the capital R in the name? Total accident. Alexanne erroneously wrote it that way and it just sort of stuck.

The band sees themselves as not only musicians but friends, confidants and shoulders to lean on. Their most memorable moments as a band don’t necessarily congregate around measurable successes but rather, moments of togetherness. Be it feelings of destiny at Extreme Thing, young fans asking for autographs or even just experiencing a genuine connection at practice, this is a band of friends first and everything else second.

Musically speaking, iRie shares similarities with No Doubt, Paramore and Red Hot Chili Peppers but they bring their own unique spin to the stage. Don’t take our word for it, though. See for yourself at Extreme Thing 2016, where iRie will be taking the stage yet again.


About the band:

Harley (Bass) – Has an obscenely beautiful addiction to Fallout games

Alexanne (Drums) – Has Megan Fox thumbs….

Austin (Guitar & Vocals) –  Loves Taco Bell

Current Lineup:

Connect With The Band:

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