March 24th XPOZ Battle of the Fans 2018 Finals

Xpoz Presents:

Music Fans!!

We’ve made it to the Final Round of the XPOZ Battle of the Fans 2018. Winner opens Las Rageous April 20, 2018 at Downtown Las Vegas Events Center.

Vote now for your favorite band on the BOTF app or HERE!

XPOZ Battle of the Fans 2018 – Finals!!

Silence Speaks
School of Rock
Sleep Eater
Duct Tape Shoes
A Burden On Society
Our Finest Hour
Shallow Like Me*
Oni Inc*


Voting Round 3 Ends March 24th at Midnight

Online/Mobile Voting
– each online/mobile app vote is worth 1 point
– each SMS/Text vote is worth 1 point
– voting is limited to 1 vote per person per platform, per verified IP – duplicate or similar names or emails will not be counted.

Ballot Voting

– only 1 ballot per paid ticket or person allowed (if you buy 10 tix you don’t get 10 ballots, only 1 per person)
– each on-site ballot vote cast is worth 5pts
– this is in addition to the online voting

++ Fans get ready to vote your favorite band to play Las Rageous ++

Need tickets or info for Las Rageous? Check out

Date: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Time: 5:00pm

Venue: Hard Rock Live on the Strip

Price: $10.00

All Ages